Netccentric Logo

Our logo represents the key tenets and activities of the Netccentric group. The “N” stands for "Net", the abbreviated name for "internet". The surrounding arrows symbolize the innovations that we have created around it. Viewed from an angle, the "N" appears to be 3-dimensional, as if it is blasting out of a crevice in the ground. This is to illustrate our belief in building businesses from the ground up in a dynamic manner.

Netccentric was incorporated on 18th of August 2006, by Cheo Ming Shen and Timothy Tiah, who had met whilst studying in London. Bonded by a shared vision to start their own business in the online space, the duo started Netccentric, which was to become the holding company of many successful web ventures later on.

Ming and Tim had always been entrepreneurial, having dabbled successfully in online businesses whist they were still in University. Ming had owned Singapore’s first online gadget store, www.gadgeit.com; and Tim started what was then Malaysia’s leading tuition matching service, Tuition Hamster.

After their respective working stints in the government and finance sectors, they decided to venture out on their own. Their partnership gave birth to Nuffnang.com, then Asia Pacific’s first blog advertising community and Netccentric’s first and most successful subsidiary.

This success brought them much recognition, and they were both nominated BusinessWeek’s Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs in 2007. Ming and Tim were both barely 25 years old then.

Following that runaway success, Netccentric experienced tremendous growth in the next two years, with regional offices opening and the addition of 1 new venture: ChurpChurp, a social media advertising network. The latest additions to its stellar arsenal of digital media assets are Reelity.TV, a video production arm; and Dayre, a mobile blogging application.

With so much potential in the digital media space, Netccentric is poised for greater growth and innovations. The group has also taken on a truly global perspective, with staff and offices around the world, including the United Kingdom.

Cheo Ming Shen

Timothy Tiah

Our Mission

Netccentric harnesses the power of social media and web technology to drive revenue and change

Our Vision

To be recognized globally as a leading social media solutions innovator


As a global organization, Netccentric seeks to understand the impact of its businesses on the economies of the countries it is in. This has prompted us to reflect on our contributions to the societies in which we do businesses.

In 2013, we inaugurated our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme. This annual activity will see our staff giving back to society through our partnership with a beneficiary organisation.

We are also advocating and practising the “3Rs” of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” in a bid to reduce our carbon footprint. Some of our efforts include:

  • Switching off all electricity when not in use
  • Minimising the printing of paper documents
  • Printing documents on both sides of papers
  • Reusing plastic grocery bags as trash bags
  • Sending old newspapers to recycling companies quarterly
  • #MILOBreakfastMovement: Feeding the Less Fortunate in KL


    June 2013


    The Malaysian Team of nuffies, Nuffnang blogger Tian Chad, with Netccentric co-founder, Timothy Tiah, headed down to Kechara Soup Kitchen in KL to help prepare and pack food to distribute to the urban poor in their community. For many of them, this meal could be their first and only meal for the day which is why proper nutrition is important to give them lasting energy!


    Partnering MILO and its breakfast movement, the team set out to do their bit of good. The team not only got the chance to interact with those who truly need help at the Soup Kitchen, but even got a chance to travel in vans to send food to the elderly in a nearby kampong or village.


    Listen to what some of Nuffnang Blogger had to say!


    “I would like to thanks Nuffnang Malaysia for invited me to do such a meaningful photoshoot. Hope we all will able to do more good deeds everyday. Even by just letting a car to come out from a junction, you might just made his day by cheering him up. Remember, doing good things not only will help others, it is contagious and will definitely make someone else to share a helping hand too. Look at the brightside!! =D” – TIAN CHAD

  • #GivingTuesday: Spreading Happiness to Underprivileged Children


    December 2013


    The team in Singapore took a day off work to bring the children from the Pertapis Children’s Home out for a day of fun and activity!


    We were fortunate to have our kind food sponsors arranged for a sumptuous lunch at their restaurant. They had also prepared a surprise gift pack for all the children, much to their delight.


    After lunch, we brought the children to watch the movie “Frozen” at a cinema where we had specially booked for this event. Our team were happy to purchase popcorn, drinks and other snacks for their little movie buddies of the day.


    After a satisfying lunch and a fantastic movie, it was time to part. The simple day ended on a heart-warming note, as the children happily waved goodbye, thanking us for making their day.


    Listen to what some of our staff have to say!


    “Really happy to be part of this initiative and I think I should really learn to not take things for granted and be thankful for everything I have.” – JL


    I am so happy to take time off work to participate in such a meaningful movement and spreading love to the underprivileged during a joyous season. Like all other volunteering events where I always end up gaining more than the intended beneficiaries, I am once again reminded to appreciate the little things in life.” – HF