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Hello there! If you’ve reached this page, you’re probably curious about what it’s like to work under the Netccentric Group, and we’ll all tell you the same thing − there’s no other place we’d rather be! Nuffnang and Churp Churp are sister companies under the Netccentric Group. We are not only some of the fastest growing Dotcoms in the region but also the youngest, so there are no other companies who embody the saying, “Work hard, party harder” better than us ;)

  • Team Leader (Web Development)

    You will be in charge of a small team at work on our latest hush-hush product. You will be expected to set in place coding and infrastructure practices, and provide guidance to the developers under you.

    You would ideally have at least 3 years of experience in web development. Our current codebase uses an API using the Laravel framework as well as AngularJS. Read More...

  • PHP Web Developers (Junior to Senior Developer positions)

    Do you like building APIs? Does optimizing large queries give you a sense of satisfaction? Are you a "lazy problem solver" who works efficiently? Then come rock the social media space with us! We offer competitive salary packages according to your capabilities, and are looking for junior to senior developers. Read More...

  • Frontend Developer (Javascript, CSS)

    We're looking for a person who can connect designs and backends and wire up with idiot-proof interfaces and interactions. You'll ideally be well versed in modern Javascript/HTML (AngularJS would be a huge plus) and be able to work in a fast-paced environment. Read More...


    Job Responsibilities:
    • Full set of book-keeping
    • Responsible for monthly processing of staff’s salaries & commissions
    • Responsible for monthly CPF submissions
    • Responsible for quarterly GST submission
    • Responsible for yearly submission of employment
    • Assist in bank reconciliation, invoicing and receivables collection
    • Cash flow management
    • Formalizing of company’s inventory and stock sale system
    • Issue Invoices, Track campaigns, Follow-up on debtors’ payments


    Job Responsibilities:
    • Core responsibilities: Consolidation, Communication, Coordination, Standardization & Implementation
    • Consolidate and organize resources and information from regional office
    • Set up systems and processes based on regional best practices
    • Facilitate the standardization, implementation and documentation of templates to be used in operations regionally
    • Efficient communication and dissemination of information, regional initiatives and plans with regional office
    • Coordination of regional level operations and events, training visits, company’s merchandise orders and other requests
    • Monitor and initiate consistent branding of company’s social media platforms, communication channels, marketing materials, graphics and products
    • Assist with providing resources and start-up materials for new partnerships and facilitate discussions
    • Work closely with senior regional exec, country managers, H.O.Ds and directly with CEO, COO across various job functions, executing orders on behalf of CEO & COO


    Job Description:
    • Meeting and building rapport with potential clients

    • Pitching and preparing creative proposals and presentations for exciting campaigns

    • Researching and preparing case studies on cool ideas for potential clients ad campaigns

    • Achieving monthly sales targets

    • Oversee the execution of your social media advertising campaigns

    • Liaising with and coordinating the social media influencers engaged for advertising campaigns

    • Attending to client's needs on social media campaigns

    • Seek creative ways by researching and networking to bring in digital advertising revenue for the company Read More...


    If you love meeting new people, planning events and are active on social media, look no further for the perfect job! Community Executive staff spend a lot of their time planning community events for the Nuffnang and Churp Churp communities, liaising with Nuffnangers and Churpers on everything from events that members of the communities are invited to, or just attending to any questions Bloggers and Churpers might have. Read More...


    The pen is mightier than the sword! Ad Ops (as we refer to them) are given the responsibility of executing all social media campaigns − they are the key contact point between clients and Nuffnangers/Churpers. Yes, that also means liaising with all the big names in the Blogosphere and Twittersphere! If you want a balance between Media Sales and Community Relations, Ad Ops is perfect for you. Read More...


    Looking for a career in the Human Resource field and love the Social Media Advertising industry? We're currently looking for a Senior HR Executive to provide Human Resource and Administration functions in the areas of recruitment, training, development, people and performance management, social welfare (we love welfare!) as well as updating and maintaining HR records. If you think you have an affinity to people and deem yourself a great reader of personalities then, what are you waiting for! Read More...


    If you love using technology and have great understanding of its users, then here's your opportunity to work closely with project managers, programmers, designers and content writers, to design some of the most awesome user interfaces for web and mobile applications of Netccentric's main products such as Nuffnang and Churp Churp. Read More...


    Love seeing your designs all over the world wide web? Here you get to work closely with project managers, programmers, designers, content writers and the sales team where you'll be given the opportunity to design and maintain the corporate branding of the Netccentric Group − Logos, Collaterals, Buntings, Banners, Websites for Nuffnang, Churp Churp and Nom Nom Media. Read More...


    Primary Responsibilities

    1. Expanding and grow the business
    2. Exploring through various potential partnership/ acquisition

    Day-to-day duties

    • Planning and overseeing new marketing initiatives
    • Attending conferences, meetings, and industry events
    • Preparing PowerPoint presentations
    • Responsible for working alongside COO and other managers to plan work of the organization
    • Assist COO in identifying opportunities for the company to leverage on
    • Assist COO in conducting market research and compilation of reports
    • Provide assistance to COO on developing and executing expansion plans
    • Provide solutions to address organizational challenges, where necessary
    • Work with COO and management to develop and implement actions to boost company’s profitability
    • Assist with providing resources and start-up materials for new partnerships and facilitate discussions
    • Other job duties as assigned by COO
    • Keep track of the timeline of the project