Our Companies

Nom Nom Media

Nom Nom Media is a social media advertising agency that specializes in influencers engagement. It was launched in Singapore and Malaysia in 2009 to streamline the client-servicing processes of our sister companies, Nuffnang & ChurpChurp.

We help brands promote their products and services on the digital space using our suite of digital media tools - from top social media personalities to micro-sites and even videos - Nom Nom Media can offer clients a solution tailored to best serve their marketing objectives.

The Specialist in Influencers Engagement

  • Largest Network of Top Bloggers

    As the exclusive digital media reseller of Nuffnang and ChurpChurp, we have exclusive access to both the top-tier and long-tail bloggers and personalities within these communities. Our long-standing relationships with them help us make expert recommendations to our clients looking for suitable writers for their brands.

  • One-Stop Service Provider

    The combined suite of our products and services cover most grounds to meet clients’ advertising needs. Clients not only enjoy significant cost-savings, but also the convenience and assurance of working with a single, all-inclusive vendor.

  • End-to-End Campaign Support

    Clients' campaigns are in safe hands with an experienced and reliable support team working tirelessly behind the scenes. We provide the full scope of support from consultation and conceptualization to campaign execution, monitoring, data collection, post-campaign analysis and recommendations.