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Nuffnang is the world’s leading blog advertising community with over 900,000 blogs under our network. As the pioneer in the blog advertising industry, we work with top bloggers and match them to brands that fit their contents and audiences.

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ChurpChurp is Asia’s leading social media advertising community with about 200,000 members under our network. It is a platform for advertisers to reach out to their target audiences on social media, and for social media enthusiasts to earn cash rewards for spreading relevant brand messages to their social networks.

Bringing You WHAT'S REEL

We are an agency that specializes in quality video production for client’s video assets on the most popular platforms like Youtube, Vimeo channels, etc. We also have exclusive access to a growing pool of key opinion leaders on blogs and social media who are carefully selected to star in or distribute our client's content.

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Dayre is a mobile blogging application that allows users to blog and interact with their readers on the move. Users can express themselves through 5 publishing options: text, photo, video, geo-tag or stickers.