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Dayre is a mobile blogging application that allows users to blog and interact with their readers on the move. The concept for Dayre was inspired by the mobile and social media trend, and the result of merging them together has proven to be a hit amongst the young, hip and social media savvy crowd. In less than a year since its launch, Dayre has already gained a strong foothold within the blogging community for its convenience and interactivity. Many notable bloggers such as XiaXue is already on the platform.  

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  • The Smarter Alternative to Blogging

    With Dayre, you can blog on the move, follow others and have real-time interactions with your followers. What's more amazing is that it offers all the popular social media publishing options within a single platform; whether it is a text update, a photo or video, a location check-in or using a sticker to express yourself, you can do it all within Dayre!

  • Connecting People Through Stories

    Blogging on Dayre is a simple and intimate affair. You can blog anytime, anywhere from your mobile devices; and read, like or comment on the move. This real-time interaction brings you closer to your followers. As a result, the Dayre community is extremely close-knitted.

  • Shaping Your Personal Identity Through Storytelling

    Contemporary social media platforms present your fragmented updates in reverse chronological order. Dayre defies this convention and unifies all your updates into a sequential, long-form post so that your daily narratives read like a story, giving your readers a fuller picture of who you are.