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Nuffnang is the the Asia's leading influencer community. Founded in 2006, Nuffnang has since grown into a global community of over 900,000 blogs. It now has offices in 9 cities around the world, including Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Manila, Bangkok. Beijing, London, Jakarta, and Taipei.

Nuffnang is dedicated to building strong working relationships between the influencers within our community and brands looking for publishers who are a fit with their voice and image. We have conceptualized and executed social media campaigns for clients like Nokia, Nike, HSBC, Citibank, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Walt Disney Pictures, Buenaventura, Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia, Singapore Tourism Board, Tourism Australia, and many more.

The Leading Influencer and Content Marketing company in Asia

  • Building a Professional Reputation for Bloggers

    Once seen as just a casual hobby, we have professionalized blogging into serious business by allowing bloggers to earn through display banners placed on their blogs, sponsored content, brand ambassadorships and much more. Due to the growing recognition of their social influences, our bloggers have earned significant clout in the media industry.

  • Access to Unprecedented Privileges

    Nuffnang bloggers have a packed social calendars because they are always invited to exciting community events like gala movie premieres or new product launches. They also get to participate and win in exclusive contests and giveaways, most of which are courtesy of our advertisers.

  • Growing Professionally as a Blogger

    Through the commercial engagements recommended by Nuffnang, our bloggers not only get to expand their personal portfolio, but also widen their social circles by attending exclusive blogger events and workshops. These experiences contribute to their growth as a blogger and content creator at a personal and professional level.